There are many reasons why people seek out psychologists for psychotherapy, these can include:

  • Personal Growth
  • Emotional Distress,
  • Relationship Issues,
  • Coping Mechanisms,
  • Loss,
  • Trauma, Violence or Abuse,
  • Sexual Problems,
  • Clinical Disorders or Conditions.

One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is that seeing a therapist is a sign of weakness. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Recognizing the need for help and seeking professional therapy is a sign of both strength and your determination to live a productive and meaningful life.

It is important to remember that psychotherapy is not advice. The goal of treatment is for you to rediscover your own voice, your own priorities, and the courage to act on them.

I offer individual and couple’s counselling.

Therapy Tips:

  • Psychotherapy has both benefits and risks, ask your therapist to explain these to you.
  • Therapy works best when you attend all of your scheduled appointments. The effectiveness of therapy depends on your active participation. It requires time, effort and regularity.
  • When choosing a therapist, it is best to go with your ‘gut feel’. If you and your therapist do not ‘click’, then all her/his theory, expertise, and counselling will not matter- it will probably not lead to much change in your feelings or behaviour.
  • It is also important to know that your therapist has acquired the following:
      • Intensive academic study in the field of mental health
      • Supervised clinical experience/training
      • Certification/Registration/Licensure
  • Also, keep in mind, therapy is treatment that addresses specific causes of mental illness/stresses; it is not a “quick fix.” It takes commitment and emotional investment.
  • It is important to give any treatment a fair trial. And if one approach doesn’t work, the odds are that another one will, so don’t give up!


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